The Escapist

It seems I’m always at this spot whenever I wear this T-shirt

The other day while talking to a friend about finding a job, I said that if I could get a steady paycheck from writing, I’d be happy to go off to some mountain somewhere and become some sort of hermit, only to rejoin society when needed. It was a joke, of course (you can’t be a hermit to make it as a writer… unless you’re J.D. Salinger. Actually that doesn’t count because he wasn’t a screenwriter), but it made me realize my escapist tendency. All the stuff that I’m interested in, the stuff that I write, read, and watch – fantasy, sci-fi, period drama – aren’t they all forms of escapism? Maybe “escape” is too strong a word; I’m more of a daydreamer, but then where does daydreaming end and escapism begin?

… Man, this is totally my quarter-life crisis talking.

T-shirt: Walmart, Jeans: Forever21
Flats: Payless, Necklaces: Icing
Post title: song by Coldplay


2 Comments on “The Escapist”

  1. I feel you…the leaving to write, the searching for something, the want to check out and disconnect for a while…”quarter life crisis…yes, I’ve used those words to describe my situation for the last couple of years” I totally feel ya!

    ~ Lauren

    (saw your WIWW on The Pleated Poppy)

  2. Andi says:

    Love your pink shoes!

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