Starry Night Over The Rhone

It’s another week of Style Imitating Art, and once again I’m impressed with how everybody’s outfit turned out. The inspiration painting is Starry Night over the Rhone by Van Gogh:

First, we have Vivienne of Thrifted Shift, whose bling emulates the “starry” part:

Next we have the awesome Pao of Project Minima, who is a starry night of her own:

Then it’s lovely Jess of Animated Cardigan. She happened to pick the same silhouette as me – I think this is why we’re co-creators:

And here’s me – this dress is another piece I just added to my 30×30 line-up in place of the Old Navy pink jersey dress. It feels a bit like cheating, but I’ve already worn the Old Navy dress, and in this weather, when you can’t add layers, there’s only one way you can wear it.

Having clothes made at a tailor’s may be a little time-consuming, but I like it because you’ll get the piece exactly how you want it (pockets!) Plus in Vietnam it’s not that expensive either – this dress costs me about $20.

Dress: tailored, Belt: Vietnamese shop
Flats: Payless, Brooch: vintage


7 Comments on “Starry Night Over The Rhone”

  1. Awesome! Love this post! Thanks for picking such a great painting to be inspired by! Pao is starry, Jess’s scarf is enviable, and your polka dot dress is adorable! Yay everyone!

  2. pao says:

    Yes, agreeing with Vivienne – deep blue and bright yellow always looks vivacious!

  3. Jess says:

    And this is why we’re awesome. Everyone looks fabulous–I love how Pao always embeds herself in the artwork, and Vivienne always looks so charming 🙂 And you, of course, look lovely, Salazar. I can’t believe it cost $20 to have that dress made…I went to have a skirt tailored and it was going to be $40! Jeeeez.

  4. Rence says:

    I love the deep blue and yellow combinations 🙂 – do you have any recommendations for places to get clothes tailored or things to look out for? I am travelling to Hanoi later this year and will be leaving a lot of my suitcase empty so that I can get many clothes tailored while there… 🙂

    • Salazar says:

      You’re traveling to Hanoi? That’s awesome – I’m sure you’re going to love it!

      It depends on what you’re planning to get made, but this place where I got my dress make pretty good dresses and pants. My mom, though, is much more knowledgeable about this stuff, so email me once you’re here and I’ll ask her to draw up a list for you.

      • Rence says:

        Yeah! Thanks so much- will definitely email when I get there 🙂 I’m a sucker for dresses and skirts but I might give trousers a shot if they fit my budget 🙂 Thanks again!

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