I’ve decided to blaze through the 30×30 by including Saturday outfit posts as well, since after this I only have 10 outfits left. I know I’ve said this before, but really, this second round of 30×30 has been a breeze. I’ll probably do a fall/winter one later this year.

Anyway, the other day Mara of Eccentric Owl talked about how she wanted to embrace the retro style more, and that got me thinking about my own style. When I started this blog with the intention of finding my own sense of style, I never thought more specific than “no more T-shirts and jeans all the freaking time.” Even after all this time, though, I still haven’t gotten much more better than that. There’s a part of me that, like Mara, wants to dress more in a more retro, more feminine silhouette – full skirts, blouses, brooches and the likes, but another part of me finds the clean lines of a T-shirt-and-jeans outfit much more appealing. I’m still struggling with how to unite these two contradicting ideas . This is why one day you may see me in an ultra-feminine outfit like this (which I totally stole from Kendi), and the next I’m in shorts and sneakers. Any advice to help me get the best of both worlds?

T-shirt: Forever21, Skirt: vintage via Age Old Threads, Wedges: borrowed from my sister’s
Necklace: gift from my friend Trang (via Silk Purse, Sow’s Ear)


6 Comments on “Contradiction”

  1. Cara says:

    Why can’t you be both casual and retro? Fancy and crazy? I think it’s more important to know how to dress for each of life’s crazy situations than to be able to sum up a personal style in one look or one word… unless the world is versatility! When I reduced my outfit posts, I also found myself wearing capris and a tank to the grocery store – something that old me would never do. I certainly didn’t look disheveled, but I looked relax, casual and still presentable. I felt like me. But I also felt like me when I threw together a full business outfit and rocked a meeting. Realizing that I could indeed have BOTH was so liberating! Plus, it gave me the added challenge of trying to see how “casual” outfits could be made business and business outfits could be made super casual!

    • Salazar says:

      Ah, I wouldn’t mind being both if they’re not such polar opposites. See, to me “business” and “casual” are just two sides of the same kind of style, but “retro” and “modern” are two completely different styles altogether, and I feel that going back and forth between them makes me lack a unity in my style, like there’s no identifying trait to it.

      But I agree with you that perhaps I’m putting too much thought into it. Wearing what I like and feel comfy in, that’s what’s important!

  2. Love this outfit! That skirt is gorgeous.

    I totally agree with Cara. I think in general we spend too much time “defining our style”. I find that if I buy things I like with an eye for colors and shapes already in my closet all the styles blend together very well!

  3. Mara says:

    So I totally have that outfit of Kendi’s in my style inspiration… and as soon as you said you stole yours from Kendi, I didn’t even have to click on the link because I knew which one it would be. You look so pretty! I love this outfit.
    I think you look great in both jeans and a tee, AND the more feminine outfits. I wrote a long comment to Kelly about all the things that help me find my style, but I think the biggest point is… wear what you love and know works for you. But also, I think you can wear jeans and skirts and still have a cohesive style; Veronika from Girl and Closet wore jeans the other day, but it still looked like it fit with her usual skirt and etc, because she added in the little details like red lips and a headscarf that sort of made it “match” what she usually wears.
    And also… I have noticed that the “look” of someone really depends on their head. 😀 Haha! But seriously, I wore a dress yesterday that usually looks super modern however I style it, but since I’d done retro makeup and hair with it (and added a headscarf), it looked a lot more 50’s.
    Aaaanyway. I think too, having a fashion blog has helped majorly with settling into a good style because I can actually look back at my archives and see what really works for me, and what doesn’t.

    This comment was longer than I intended. Oops! Happy weekend!

  4. I think your life would be limited if all you wore was little cute vintage outfits. Maybe those ladies only publish vintage looks instead of everything? Or maybe they never do active stuff? Your style is partly that but also reflects other appreciations. I think that means you have your own style, not that you don’t have one! Your style is retro AND modern AND comfy AND cute AND feminine. These are all right answers.

  5. Jess says:

    Basically? Just keep doing what you’re doing, because right now, that’s what works best for you. You can change if you really want to, but is there anything wrong with bouncing back and forth? It keeps people guessing, at least. I probably seem like it sometimes, but I couldn’t imagine wearing a pencil skirt everyday. Like Vivienne said, style would be boring if it always consisted of one type of outfit! Your creativity eventually gets zapped. I recommend continuing to do what you do because you always look awesome, which is the most important part 😀

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