On Trend

No, the post title is not because my outfit is particularly on trend (I guess the plaid pants can be counted as a trendy piece, but not really.) It’s actually to comment on something I’ve noticed since I moved home: there seems to be more trend-followers in Hanoi. When I go out, I’m much more likely to see polka dots, floral prints, Peter Pan collars, pleated skirt, colored denims, etc. than I was in LA. It’s probably because there are more young people here, so there is more of an interest in fashion and trend. I think the main reason, though, is this: clothes that fall under the “affordable” category in Vietnam are not very well-made, so you’re forced to constantly update your wardrobe (we don’t have thrift stores or vintage stuff either; nothing lasts that long in this climate.)

Anyway, this might have influenced me to simplify my style. Back in LA I used to think my style was too fussy because everybody else was so simple, but now when there’s fussiness everywhere, I find myself navigate towards simpler pieces. They’re not in style, so they can never be out of style.

Of course, no outfit post is complete without a picture of Taco

T-shirt: Forever 21 (I swapped the purple printed dress, which is a lot shorter than I remember, for this)
Pants: tailored, Flats: Payless, Brooch: vintage


2 Comments on “On Trend”

  1. You look cute! Interesting thoughts on why people might be trendier in Hanoi… I wonder if the opposite is true- are people in Seattle and other cold places LESS trendy because wools and flannels last forever?

  2. I love your observation about Hanoi. They are living life in the moment! I’m way to practical I think to be too trendy. But you look so cute in plaid pants!

    Happy Wednesday!

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