I was wondering what to write in the post today (because there’s only so much I can talk about this outfit), when I remembered that before moving home, I promised I’d write more about life in Vietnam. I haven’t done much of that, not because life at home is not worth talking about, but because the little details that had seemed so blog-worthy to me back in LA are now the norm. Things like going out in the garden in the afternoon to pick fresh veggies, or making plum jam with my mom over the weekend, or having dinner by candlelight because of a power outage… they all seem so novel written down, but I feel a little silly blogging about them. But it’s those details that make life interesting, I guess.

Blouse: Target, Skirt: Banana Republic (thrifted)
Flats: Payless, Belt: Vietnamese shop
Post title: song by Snow Patrol (it is about the little things that make up “all I ever wanted from life”, so I think it’s appropriate)


5 Comments on “Life-ning”

  1. I love reading about the little things of life, the silly stories, the details. Do you guys have a crazy big cucumber vine? That was my favorite thing to see at homes up in the mountains north of Beijing?
    I really love that skirt, navy is such a fun color to pair with. And am I wrong or did you swipe on a little kick of lipcolor? If it’s natural, I’m envious, if it’s lip goo, share!

    • Salazar says:

      We don’t grow cucumbers (it’s a little bit too warm down here for them) but we do have big squash vines.

      P/S: I totally forgot your lipstick question! And no, it’s not lipstick, just my trusted Burt’s Bee tinted lip balm.

  2. Sarah says:

    I really like the way you knotted your belt! I’ve been looking for new ways to deal with the ends of belts, so thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I like those shoes and reading about harvesting veggies from your garden and making jam!

  4. Kũi says:

    I’d like to know about the plum jam making! 🙂

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