I’m Just A Kid

I used to think (or like to think anyway) that I have a pretty diverse taste in music. As I got older, though, the range of diversity got narrower and narrower, and now I mostly only listen to alternative British bands. However, I wasn’t aware of how much my taste has changed until last Saturday, when I went to the MTV Exit concert here in Hanoi with a couple of friends. It was free, so I wouldn’t have gone, knowing how insanely crowded it would be, if Simple Plan wasn’t one of the performers.

This is about a fifth of the audience

Here’s the thing: Simple Plan was on my list of top 5 favorite bands back in high school (they might even have been number 2, after Linkin Park). But I grew out of that kind of pop punk, and haven’t listened to them since their sophomore album Still Not Getting Any… (I still listen to Linkin Park because they grew with me.) I listen to their old stuff from time to time, when I just want some uncomplicated music to cheer me up. So to prepare for the concert, I listened to their next two albums, Simple Plan and Get Your Heart On! (they have a weird thing about punctuation marks in their album titles, don’t they?) They’re pretty good, fun, energetic, but that’s all they are to me – music that I listen to for fun.

Maybe it is because this came so close after my high from the Snow Patrol concert, but Simple Plan’s music doesn’t hit me at the same spot as they did anymore. I’m not saying that their music is shallower than Snow Patrol’s or any other band for that matter; their songs do have messages, but they tend to be more on-the-nose (like how their songs are named “This Song Saved My Life“.) I don’t love them any less (they are adorable, which helps :P) – I still screamed myself hoarse and sang along with every song whether I knew the lyrics or not. But I’m not writing any script based on their music any time soon.

The show was awesome though. We got lucky – it had been raining the entire week, but it didn’t rain that night. And the crowd went absolutely wild for Simple Plan, especially whenever Pierre spoke Vietnamese.

(I did get to bring my camera, but my seat was too far away – I was on the very top, right across from the stage – so my photos aren’t the best. The rest I got from Conexão Simple Plan and MTV Exit)


One Comment on “I’m Just A Kid”

  1. Cortney A. says:

    Awww, I used to love Simple Plan in HS too. Occasionally, when I get nostalgic for my childhood I listen to the music I listened to back then, but otherwise… I’ve done the same thing as you have. 🙂

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