Feather And Asparagus

First, a quick word on the “feather” portion of the post: this is my attempt to bring some interest to a simple shirt-and-shorts outfit, by adding a colorful pair of sneakers and a statement belt. I would’ve liked it better if the belt and the shoes aren’t fighting each other though.

T-shirt: Walmart, Shorts: tailored
Belt: Vietnamese shop, Sneakers: Payless

Now on to the “asparagus” – it is the inspiration for next week’s Style Imitating Art, Still Life with Asparagus by Adriaen Coorte. I’ve always been a fan of the Dutch/Flemish still life paintings of 17th and 18th century, but most of them have such an abundance of colors and details, which would be near impossible to recreate in an outfit. So when I came across this simple yet striking piece, I decided to pick it for SIA (and also because I have a shirt that color :P)

Send me your outfit photos by Sunday, June 3. Have fun!


3 Comments on “Feather And Asparagus”

  1. Sue says:

    That painting has given me an idea for an outfit color combo I never would have thought of, so thank you. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos (and if anyone comes up with an asparagus-printed garment, I will be SO impressed!)

  2. Jess says:

    ASPARAGUSSSSSS. This is gonna be awesome.

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