Weekend Round-Up #58

An announcement before we start:

I’m rethinking the Weekend Round-Up feature a bit. This week I’m simplifying it down to just random pretty things I found around the web, and this might be the format I’m going to stick with for most of the time from now on, as I’m paring down my blogroll (so there are less Blogs of the Week). Plus I’m still working my way through The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (so no Book of the Week) and still obsessed over Snow Patrol (so no Song of the Week.)

One reason for this is that I still haven’t settled into a routine yet, so posting is still sporadic. Another reason is that I feel I’ve been so anal about keeping the schedule and posting every week that I force myself to post less-than-interesting things just for the sake of having a post. So from now on there may be less Weekend Round-Up, but hopefully better ones.

Also, more pictures.

OK. Here are pretty/fun/awesome things I found over the Internet the past two weeks:

Love this 50’s retro meet rocker chic look from The Styleograph

Speaking of the 50’s, here’s Audrey Tatou as a 50’s femme fatale for Marie Claire Russia. Fabuleux!

More mouth-watering food/fashion mash-ups from Miss Moss

How cute is this giraffe sweater? Too bad it’s sold already

I want this staircase (via The Berry)

He does exist!

Amazing views inside hot air balloons – click the link for more (via College Fashion)

And finally, a cool optical illusion that turns normal faces ugly (I didn’t see it at first, until I relaxed and used my peripheral vision… it freaks me out a bit):

So, not a whole lot of stuff this week, but I’m hoping to have more as I get more and more used to posting Weekend Round-Up this way.


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