Early Summer

My first outfit post at home! I have to be honest: I only wore this for the photos.  It was so crazy hot and humid that even this dress was too much, so I changed into shorts and an old cotton shirt. Hopefully it will rain soon, because I don’t think I can take this any longer (and this isn’t me whining after coming back from dry-as-bone LA. My family complains even more.)

I haven’t settled into a routine yet, posting may still be a little sporadic. Also, expect to see some repetitive photo locations, as I’m only brave enough to play around in our garden. Apparently all that time I spent building up courage to take pictures outside is wasted. But then again, only in our garden that you can find awesome things like this cicada husk:

Dress: Old Navy, Flats: eBay, Necklace: gift shop in Venice

P/S: If you’re looking for this week’s Style Imitating Art inspiration, head over to Thrifted Shift. Between the move and everything else, I haven’t had the time to pick out a painting, so Vivienne has been kind enough to be this week’s host.


4 Comments on “Early Summer”

  1. What a summery and pretty dress, and the colour of those ballerina pumps is so lovely!

  2. Megan says:

    Love that dress! What a pretty color and print. It’s been really hot & humid here too, all I want to wear is my bathing suit 😀

  3. Loren says:

    Love the dress! Your garden is beautiful looks great in these shots. I hope you get to share more spaces though!

  4. […] dress is great for summer, but I hate how the neckline looks on me, to the point a perfectly good dress is becoming a closet orphan. That is, until I had the […]

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