This Magic, This Drunken Semaphore

I’m home! First of all, a big thank you to all of my wonderful guest posters last week. I’m still slowly getting used to life back at home and figuring out the new posting schedule. So instead here’s a little something about the Snow Patrol concert that I went to before I left LA.

I couldn’t take any pictures (except for the one outside) because my big camera wasn’t allowed inside the venue (boo!) and I’m still kicking myself for not bringing my small point-and-shoot with me. I thought it wouldn’t do me much good because I wouldn’t be able to get close enough to the stage. Which was true for the first half of the show, because the opening act was Ed Sheeran, and the place was crawling with screaming  teenage girls (I’d never heard of Ed Sheeran before and didn’t want to ask, because I was afraid I would get mobbed by those fan girls.) He was good, but thankfully he only played for 30 minutes, then all the fan girls chased after him, leaving only the grown-ups, and I got pushed to the front row. And that was when I was glad I didn’t have to bother with taking pictures, because I could concentrate wholly on enjoying the show.

And man was the show good. I’ve never been to a real concert before, and now I finally understand what it means when bands are better live than they are on the albums. You have all the good music that you’re familiar with, but on top of that, you get to participate in the performance (I must’ve sang myself hoarse), and you can feel the passion and the energy coming right from the band as well as the crowd around you. I never thought of Snow Patrol’s music as the “pumping you up” kind (as opposed to say, Linkin Park’s or Kasabian’s), but the show completely changed my mind. On the whole bus ride home, I kept listening to their music – you can always count on finding a couple of Snow Patrol songs in my MP3 player – and grinning like an idiot because I was still on such an adrenaline rush. I’m pretty sure the other passengers thought I was high on something.

Right before the band came on stage, I talked to a very nice lady also from North Ireland (where Snow Patrol was from) and we both agreed on how magical their music is. I don’t know if  it’s the right word for it, but with all the beautiful imagery that their music puts into my mind and the emotions that it stirs in my heart, maybe “magical” is the only way to describe it. I mean, I did write an entire script based on The Golden Floor, and how many posts have I titled after their songs and lyrics? And if that’s not proof of how much I love Snow Patrol, this is: during their encore, the lead singer Gary Lightbody was talking about his inspiration for Life-ning, and the family and kids he hoped to have one day, and I just wanted to give him a hug and say, “Oh Gary, if we were together, I would gladly try to overcome my aversion to having kids, just for you.”

And then I’d insist that he gets a haircut.

To close out this post, here’s a video of Shut Your Eyes from the show. The quality is not the best (I had a much better view than that!), but it is, just like this entire post, a way for me to relive that memory and tell myself, “I was there.” Even if you don’t know the song, just start watching from 4:56, when Gary asked the audience to quiet down. See? He’s talented, cute, and funny 😀

Photos courtesy of Buzzine

2 Comments on “This Magic, This Drunken Semaphore”

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