Guest Post: Eccentric Owl

Sorry for the late post. I’ve arrived in Vietnam in one piece, but there was a problem with our internet (typical, it chose the day I came home to break down.) So last but not least in our series of guest posts is the beautiful Mara of Eccentric Owl. She’s here to showcase her thrifty, budget-friendly style, which is always a win in my book (plus we share an affinity for anything owl. If that makes us hipsters, so be it.)

Hi there! I’m Mara, of Eccentric Owl, and I’m delighted to be guest blogging for Salazar while she moves! Like some of the previous guest-posters, I love to thrift. I go to my local Goodwill so much that they know me by name, and when I was working my previous job as a barista, one of them worried aloud that I was probably spending too much money at the thrift store.

Then again, that employee also thought that all baristas got paid was in tips. Thankfully, that’s not true.

But now I’m fulfilling my secret dreams of being an office assistant at a construction company (okay, in my dreams it was more like “secretary in a 1950’s office”, but hey… I can’t be too picky, right?), and I frequently get picked on as the only one who dresses up.

Then again, I wouldn’t expect the painter to go out to a job in a dress.

Especially because the painter is a guy…

Moving on! Nearly everything in my outfit was thrifted; the shoes and camisole are from Target… which, I confess, is my other favorite store. And I tend to only shop the sale racks.

I didn’t end up wearing this outfit the entire day; my boyfriend and I went out to visit a lighthouse and a beach, and skirts aren’t so practical when there is sand involved. But I loved it for the morning that I wore it! This shirt is my interpretation of the sheer trend that’s going on. I’m not really a sheer-shirt-over-a-bandeau/bra type of person. The most scandalous I’ll get is a sheer shirt over a cami.

Which is probably not that scandalous anyway.

I have to say, I absolutely love this belt, and I really want a dress to match it. The floral print reminds me of the days when I was five and my mom used to make me Easter dresses with big twirly skirts and puffy sleeves…

… I’ve never really grown out of my love for twirly skirts. Which means that somewhere, deep inside, I’m still five.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks to Salazar for allowing me to guest post!

Lots of love,


2 Comments on “Guest Post: Eccentric Owl”

  1. Megan says:

    Mara, I love this outfit! You look so cute! They know me by name at my local Goodwill also 😀

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