Weekend Round-Up #56

Sorry that the links are kind short this week. I’ve been busy with work, and it’s too hot (97 degrees in April. I’m not amused) so I don’t have much energy left.


– Wondering how to wear a maxi skirt to work? Style Bakery has the answer (and other maxi skirt styling inspirations too!)

– FabSugar proves that a basic white T-shirt doesn’t have to be boring.

– This is kinda cool: popular websites as dresses. (via College Fashion)

– I’ve always loved the style mash-ups/comparisons by Diana of Miss Moss, but this one, where she compares food photos with street style, is literally mouth-watering.

– A couple of DIY’s: embellished friendship bracelets (via Honestly WTF) and an awesome Morse code necklace by Kayla of Freckles in April.

– Random link: 25 most beautiful public libraries in the world (these are going on my bucket list…)

– Also random: scientists at Dundee University in Scotland have apparently invented Dr. Who’s sonic screwdriver. Good job, science. Now start working on a TARDIS!

BLOG OF THE WEEK: Eccentric Owl by Mara. I’ve joined her 30 Days of Dresses challenge, so naturally I need to feature Mara as my blogger of the week. I discovered her blog not so long ago, but ever since I can’t get enough of her feminine, modest and classic style. And the fact that she’s a fellow writer helps (even though she writes novels, not screenplays.)

BOOK OF THE WEEK: “Once Upon Stilettos” by Shawna Swendson. This is the second book in the Enchanted, Inc. series, which I’m blazing through just so I can see where the story is going, but I don’t think I’ll be taking it home. This is a quick read, fun and cute, just like the first one, but once you got the whole novelty of Harry Potter meets Ali McBeal meets Sex and the City out, it becomes a lot less exciting.

SONG OF THE WEEK: “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees. I know this is probably played to death on the radio, but it is quite catchy.


One Comment on “Weekend Round-Up #56”

  1. Megan says:

    Eccentric Owl is adorable, I love her style 🙂

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