Weekend Round-Up #55

The rainy season decided to go out with a bang yesterday. I think that was the second time, during my seven years in LA, that there were lightnings and thunders during a rain. I miss that.


– Summer is coming (that sounds like a Game of Thrones parody. It wasn’t on purpose, I swear :P), but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear scarves! Stock up on these affordable options.

– I’ve been seeing this Need Supply lookbook everywhere, and no wonder. The Royal Tenenbaums-inspired styling is awesome.

– This would’ve come in handy when I first started the blog: a nice and succinct style guide for beginners (how to mix prints and colors, how to accessorize.)

– The people at College Fashion know how to speak my language: they’ve put together outfits inspired by BBC’s Sherlock (what, no Lestrade or Mrs. Hudson? I can let Lestrade slide, but Mrs. Hudson has a very distinct style too.)

– H&M has put out an exclusive glamour collection. Not my kind of clothes, but what do you think?

– Refinery29 proves that the fashion world is just as crazy as Zoolander made it out to be.

– A random link: every time I tell myself I’m being too cynical, something like this happens to make me lose faith in humanity again. To sum it up: apparently some morons didn’t know that the Titanic was a real historical event. They thought it was only a movie.

– Another random link to cheer us up: Twilight, as written by famous writers.

BLOG OF THE WEEK: Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary by Natsumi. Here’s something different, and nothing to do with style. I read about this girl and her amazing levitation photos a while ago, and finally discovered her blog thanks to Pinterest. Her photos are so beautifully surreal and whimsical; I can jump all day and can never have a jumping picture as lovely as hers.

BOOK OF THE WEEK: “French Lessons” (Peter Mayle). Another book by another favorite author which I’m reading to determine if I should take it home or not. This one is about the celebrations of food throughout France – the festival of snails, of chickens, of cheese, etc. – so it’s definitely going to make you hungry! I like it, but not as much as A Year in Provence, so I guess it’s to the library donation box with this one. On a different note, I’m still trying to figure out why I like Peter Mayle’s non-fictions so much while none of his novels resonates with me. I guess the charm in his non-fictions is that all those people he writes about are real, while in his novels, no matter how real he makes his characters, they’re never quite as interesting.

SONG OF THE WEEK: “Holiday” (Green Day). No reason, I’ve just been listening to American Idiot a lot these past few days, and this is my favorite song from the album. I know the general favorite is either Boulevard of Broken Dreams or Wake Me Up When September Ends, but this one pumps me up more. (Speaking of Green Day, if I ever want to give myself a headache, I just need to watch the video for Redundant.)


2 Comments on “Weekend Round-Up #55”

  1. Megan says:

    Haha, some people didn’t know Titanic was real? That’s ridiculous.

    I haven’t heard Green Day in forever, I used to love them!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out about our Style Guide! So flattered 🙂

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