Weekend Round-Up #54

Happy Easter!


– Oxford shirt, button-up, button-down, however you call it, this shirt a staple in every girl’s closet. Here are some tips on how to wear it from Refinery29.

– What does your favorite designer say about you? (I don’t think I have a favorite designer… I wonder what that says about me?)

– Target is doing another collaboration, with The Webster this time. I’m not familiar with the name; the style is too beachwear for me, but there are some cute pieces.

– This month’s EBEW theme is pastels! If you haven’t got your piece yet, maybe this guide can help.

– I’m all for inspirational women, so kudos to College Fashion for these two fashion guides inspired by Isadora Duncan and Marie Curie.

– Two hair tutorials from Lizzie of Cotton and Curls: quick yet fancy hairstyles, and some easy buns.

– I always love interpretation of artwork (as evident in the Style Imitating Art series), so I love this comparison of romantic femininity in films and paintings. (via Miss Moss)

– Real-life Disney princesses. Pretty impressive, I have to say, but we’re missing a few… I would’ve loved to see Ariel and Mulan too. (via io9)

– Finally, a random link for all my fellow geeks: geektastic Easter eggs! (from Blastr)

BLOG OF THE WEEK: Über Chic for Cheap by Madeline. I used to read a lot of shopping-centric blogs when I first started out blogging, but after a while, Madeline’s blog is the only one remained in my subscription, because she doesn’t just list the sales, she also points out the trends and how to get a similar piece for cheap; plus a lot of the stores she features are the ones I like. She does DIY as well, and some of her projects, like these refashioned floral pants, make me want to scour my local thrift store for a similar pair so I can do the same.

BOOK OF THE WEEK: “Hogfather” by Terry Pratchett. I mean, it’s Terry Pratchett, it features Death (who is my favorite character in the entire Discworld universe), what else can I say other than I love it? It’s a Christmas story (the Discworld holiday “Hogswatch” is clearly a parody of Christmas), but I bought this a while ago and haven’t gotten around to reading it until now, because I’ve already seen the movie (it’s so weird watching it again now and see Michelle Dockery not as Lady Mary Crawley but as Death’s granddaughter Susan.) Having seen the movie really helps me follow the story more easily, because since none of his books have chapters, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different storylines. So now I’ve only got one Death novel left – Thief of Time. It would have to wait for the Kindle, I’m afraid. I can’t afford to buy any more clothes, but I really really can’t afford to buy any more books now.

SONG OF THE WEEK: “Get Yourself High” by The Chemical Brothers. The video was digitally enhanced from some old martial art movie, and it’s so hilariously bad that it’s awesome.


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