A Blossom Fell

No, despite the title, the cherry blossoms still hold, and here I am again.

Yes, I lay down on the grass again

Not much to say about the outfit, except that I was wearing flats all day, but switched to heels for the pictures because I thought the flats make the outfit a bit too casual. I know, it’s Friday, but what with the flowy blouse and flowy cardigan, it feels a little sloppy to me. So heels it is.

Uh… jazz hands?

Blouse: Old Navy, Cardigan: Wet Seal (refashioned by me)
Jeans: Target, Shoes: Steven for Steve Madden (thrifted), Necklace: self-made
Post title: song by Nat King Cole


6 Comments on “A Blossom Fell”

  1. postcentric says:

    Those heels are so fun and are perfect with your outfit. Happy Friday!

  2. preethi says:

    Those shoes are adorable!

    lace, etc.

  3. I love darker floral prints- feminine without being too girly and it keeps the overall look grounded. Beautiful!

  4. Jess says:

    I like! I wish I could do action posts like you. Mine usually turn out blurry and weird.

  5. Loren says:

    The heels are adorable! And I’m loving the DIY doily pockets. I wasn’t sure what you were going to wear it with but this is really sweet.

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