Weekend Round-Up #53

I’m glad that April’s Fool is on Sunday this year, so I don’t have to acknowledge it on the blog. Or in real life, for that matter. I’m terrible at that kind of stuff; I’m much better at getting pranked than pranking others. That being said, have a fun and safe April’s Fool everyone 😉


– From Refinery29: things you’re wearing that can kill you.

– I’m all for refashioning, so these tips to recreate old or thrifted pieces, from College Fashion, are really helpful.

– How to accessorize for your body type.

Spring shoes guide from Style Bakery. To be honest, the only trend I’m really excited about is cap-toe flats, and I already got mine!

First look at AnnaSophia Robb as the young Carrie Bradshaw for that Sex and the City prequel, via Tom and Lorenzo. I’m not a fan of the original to begin with, and the costume design strikes me as oddly modern. It’s supposed to be the 80’s, people. Bring out the hideous. More photos here.

– This is kinda fashion-related: a TARDIS wedding ring for any Whovian planning to tie the knots.

– Speaking of April’s Fool, these might be the only pranks I can pull off: joke recipes.

– Finally, a couple of random links, weirdly enough they’re both about mash-ups: first is posters for Hunger Games as directed by Hitchcock, Scorsese and other famous directors. The second is just in time for Game of Thrones season premiere (SO EXCITED!!!) – GoT mash-ups with Star Wars, Calvin & Hobbes, and others. My favorite has to be the one with My Little Ponies.

BLOG OF THE WEEK: Esme and the Laneway by Marianne. She has the perfect pin-up look, don’t you think? I love her vintage aesthetic – everything from her hair to make-up is always flawless, and her clothes are of course, to die for.

BOOK OF THE WEEK: I still have almost a bookshelf full of unread books left and I’m in a hurry to read through them before deciding which to pack and which to leave behind. This week I read “The Pursuit of Love” and “Love in a Cold Climate” by Nancy Mitford. Charming and witty romances, sort of like Jane Austen meets Cold Comfort Farm (though not quite as sarcastic), they make for some fun light reading. I also watched the mini-series, but I was kinda disappointed with it, because it cut too much from the book. But then again the material is not very cinematic – I find neither of the main heroines (Linda and Polly) very interesting, it’s their families and the people around them that make the book so enjoyable – so it must be difficult translated to the screen. Too bad I couldn’t find the 1980 version with Judi Dench, which I hear is far more superior.

SONG OF THE WEEK: “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” (Dusty Springfield.) Believe it or not, this is the song that got stuck in my head after last week’s Mad Men season premier, not that blasted “Zou Bisou Bisou.” Maybe it’s because I actually know this song.


One Comment on “Weekend Round-Up #53”

  1. Megan says:

    I have to check out Marianne’s blog! Her style looks so retro and glam.

    Happy Monday 🙂

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