The Last Hurrah

Just when the rest of the country is having a warm spell, LA suddenly dropped its temperature. Warm weather is too mainstream, I guess 😛 Not that I’m complaining – the rain was great, and it let me wear my fall/winter colors for a little bit longer. Only the wind aggravates my allergy again.

I watched Mona Lisa Smile again over the weekend. The movie is just OK, but I do like the costumes – hence the outfit. And I didn’t even remember that John Slattery (Roger from Mad Men) was in it. The guy cannot escape that era!

Also, it’s my turn to pick a painting for Style Imitating Art again, and my choice is Playing Hide and Seek by Chihiro Iwasaki, a Japanese artist and illustrator:

I know technically she wasn’t a classical artist, but she’s a personal favorite, since she was the illustrator of Totto-chan: The Little Girl At The Window, one of my favorite books. Her watercolors seem to encapsulate childhood itself, and the colors in this one is especially beautiful. I can’t wait! And remember, if you want to join in, just send me a photo of your outfit before Sunday night.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Cardigan: Target
Skirt: thrifted, Necklace: self-made
Oxfords: Miss Me (via Buffalo Exchange)


7 Comments on “The Last Hurrah”

  1. The inspiration you chose is so lovely and sweet. I can’t wait to see what you pick to imitate (please tell me you have a purple printed drop-waist dress) Also, will you please give that hairstyle a shot?!
    Aaaand, on to notes from today: the skirt is aaamazing, I love that you pulled the turqoise out of the blouse to inspire your accessories and the oxfords are to die for. I love them paired with the ankle socks.

    • Salazar says:

      Well, I do have a purple printed dress… it’s not drop-waist though, but maybe I could make it so. As for the hairstyle, I’m not making any promise. I don’t have a red ribbon anyway 🙂

  2. Loren says:

    Love the shoes & the orange cardigan. I have to admit it feels nice to not have to wear my sweaters, but I am to suspicious of the beautiful weather to put them away yet.
    I’ve never heard of this artist before but I do really like that print, i understand why she is a personal favorite.

  3. Jess says:

    Psh, classical art. It’s not going to stay that way forever on my end, promise. I love the painting either way–it’s really pretty and there’s a lot to incorporate! I’m looking forward to this one 🙂

    Aaaaallllso love this outfit. I wish I had a cardigan that colour!

  4. Aquí says:

    I love the art you chose for this round! such a cool painting!

  5. That is such a sweet painting. I think it’s a great choice. Oh, and the costumes in Mona Lisa’s Smile are out of this world amazing. Makes me want to watch it again.

    Love you cute little oxfords 🙂

  6. Cortney A. says:

    Love the skirt! You really do have the best thrifting finds. 🙂

    I’d also steal those shoes from you in a heartbeat!

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