So I finally made my own feather tee. Just don’t look too closely, it’s kind of a Monet.

Another goal I’ve set for myself, other than wearing more dresses and skirts (I know, I’m wearing pants, but I have a bunch of errands to run today and I have yet to master the art of biking in a dress/skirt), is to accessorize more – not just with my usual brooch, but my necklaces and bracelets too. I put the time into making them, I might as well wear them, right? So, in keeping with the avian theme, I picked this bracelet. It’s just a charm I got from Michael’s strung between two pieces of cord and some elastic.

T-shirt: Old Navy, DIY by me
Cardigan: Gap, Pants: thrifted
Bracelet: self-made, Shoes: Payless


8 Comments on “Freebird”

  1. Oh wow! You did an awesome job on that shirt! I saw that tutorial and really wanted to try it, but I figured I wouldn’t be able to make anything that even came close to resembling a feather. Yours looks great though. Those shoes are really cute too.

  2. phaminhang says:

    I love the whole outfit and accessories combination, but maybe except for the cardigan 😀
    very cute shoes, btwww!

  3. Aquí says:

    I LOVE this outfit! Your feather tee is soo cute! I think that calls for a diy maybe? Your tri-toned sweater is really nice too!

  4. Mara says:

    I love your shirt! I must try that someday. And I like the cardigan, too, it’s so pretty!
    I need to accessorize more, too. I have so much jewelry I rarely wear– I tend to just grab a pair of post earrings and go. And maybe a ring, if the day is special.
    Good luck figuring out how to bike in a skirt! That sounds a bit daunting. And possibly treacherous. 😀

  5. Cortney A. says:

    Wow! That shirt turned out amazingly well! 🙂

    Biking in skirts always seemed like a hazardous idea to me. 🙂 I’d be really freaked out about it getting caught in the spokes!

  6. Linhngan says:

    one of ur best outfits so far!!! Can I have the bracelet as a bday gift 😀

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