Weekend Round-Up: True Nerd

LINKS OF THE WEEK: A little light, because everybody is talking about Fashion Week and it’s not exactly my kind of thing. But I did find this one piece that sums up the NYFW pretty accurately…

– Why NYFW is just like your high school cafeteria (via College Fashion.)

– A couple more links from College Fashion: some outfits inspired by Lord of the Rings (awesome) and a smart guide to splurging (I’m too cheap to ever splurge, but it’s still helpful to keep these tips in mind.)

– I’m surprised that it took people this long to come up with an app that tells you what size you are at a specific store. It’s pretty cool though, and quite accurate (via Refinery29.)

– Also from Refinery29: easy hairstyles in under 60 minutes. I especially like the twisted bun.

– I love pleats, so of course I love this guide to pleats under $20.

– Finally, a random Tumblr I just discovered: minimalist movie posters. I love the one for Garden State.

BLOG OF THE WEEK: Cotton and Curls by Lizzie. This DIY blog is full of inspiring and simple refashion and sewing tutorials. I think it was after seeing Lizzie’s beautiful refashion creations that I was convinced I needed to learn how to use a sewing machine. Still haven’t gotten very far with that, but I think the lack of a sewing machine of my own is to blame.

BOOK OF THE WEEK: “Watchmen” by Alan Moore (art by Dave Gibbons). I know, I know, I call myself a nerd and I haven’t read “Watchmen” until now. In my defense, I grew up in Vietnam, so I read more manga than comics. And either way, I’ve read it now, haven’t I? I’m not going to review the book – it’s “Watchmen.” If you’re interested in comic books, it’s pretty much the be all and end all of comics. Instead I’ll talk about the movie, which serendipitously was aired on TV last week. I’d give the movie an “A” for effort, but possibly a “D” for result. The opening montage is awesome, but sadly it’s all downhill from there. It gives you a frame to make the story in the book easier to follow, but it’s too slick and too boring. It barely scratches the surface of the book, let alone captures the dark, gritty, ominous feel of it. I think this begs for a mini series. Of course it’s not going to happen any time soon, but at the rate that Hollywood is remaking and rebooting everything, who knows?

SONG OF THE WEEK: “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant. I barely listen to the radio anymore, so I’m slow to catch up on what’s popular out there, but I heard this song the other day and it seems just like my kind of music (then of course Glee had to cover it and the YouTube comments had to ruin it for everyone when they debate which version is better. For the record, I prefer the original, but to me they sound almost… identical.)


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