In The Name Of Romance

The ABC’s of Style challenge is “R for Romance”, but I decided not to go with red and/or pink because first, I’m going to try that combo next week for Everybody Everywear anyway, so I don’t want any repeat. Second, and more importantly, I don’t find red/pink particularly romantic. Weird, I know, but to me something soft-colored or lacy looks far more romantic than bright red or pink. I did try wearing this dress with my deep pink sweater, but it looked twee as f**k, so I toned it down a little with the black.

I’ve been struggling with the whole “twee” thing for a while now. I like the style, but I’m always afraid of looking too young for my age. So how do you strike a balance between dressing cute and dressing like a little girl?

Dress: vintage via Vintage & Gee
Sweater: Target; Flats: thrifted
Tights: Buffalo Exchange
Post title: song by Roger Joseph Manning Jr.


7 Comments on “In The Name Of Romance”

  1. oh, you look so darling here. and that is not an adjective i use loosely 🙂 really nice look!

  2. This is a sweet outfit, and I think black was the right call to not go overboard with the tweeness. It’s romantic without being Valentine’s-Day-in-your-face.

    Zooey Deschanel seems to walk the line between cute and too young pretty well. I watch New Girl, and while her character is a little silly, I think her clothes are really cute. She’s the first example my brain goes to of the style you’re describing here.

  3. Cortney A. says:

    I find lace exceptionally romantic myself. 🙂 So this is the perfect amount of romance to me!

    Although now that you mentioned the pink sweater making the outfit too twee, I kind of want to see it! It’s the whole “don’t think about elephants” thing…

  4. Loren says:

    I think you’ve struck the exact right amount of ‘twee’ here. I love the combo the lace collar, the black sweater, it’s very sweet with out being overly cutesie. I think the toned down colors definitely help keep it that way.
    Also it’s quite possible twee as f**k is my new favorite phrase. Hope that is ok.

    • Salazar says:

      “Twee as f**k” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? 😀 I can’t claim ownership to it though, I think it’s been used to described tweeness for a while now.

  5. Megan says:

    I think the right shade of red and/or pink can look very romantic. I think any light shades of colors that look soft always look very feminine.

    This vintage dress is really lovely and I like that you paired it with black… not ‘twee’ at all 🙂

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