San Diego – Gaslamp Quarter

While I sort through the first day’s production stills from my friend’s music video, here are more pictures from the San Diego streets – mostly around the Gaslamp Quarter.

We went to this awesome sushi bar for dinner the first night we were there. The food was amazing, and they played hilariously incongruous classic rock.

On New Year’s Eve, after a super delicious dinner at a Thai restaurant (which my friends, who all went to college in Thailand, assured me was very authentic), we spent some time driving around Sea World because we heard that there was going to be fireworks there. Well, we saw no fireworks, just an empty parking lot in the fog. We laughed, but it was kinda scary. Like something out of 28 Days Later. So we went back to the harbor and just hung out there. In the end there wasn’t any firework (really, San Diego?) but we made up for it when we went to Disneyland.

Well, that concludes the San Diego photos. Maybe one of these days I’m going to post the Disneyland pics too.

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