My Secret Garden

I was having trouble finding a location for the photo shoot when I stumbled across this little alley garden, which I’ve never looked inside because the gate was always locked. But this time it was opened, so I peeked in, and found something straight out of The Secret Garden – tree stumps with mushrooms growing on them, leaf-strewn ground, ivy everywhere… It’s magical. Although the whole time my heart was beating like crazy because I was afraid someone might come by and charge me with trespassing, it was too pretty to pass by.

Anyway, the outfit is something I would wear if I had a fancy Christmas party to go to. But since I’m going to spend Christmas cooking and eating (as one should), most likely I’m just going to chill in stretchy jeans and a comfy sweater. I’ll still wear the brooch though.

Dress: Zara, remixed
Sweater: Target
Tights: gift from my friend Trang
Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden thrifted, remixed
Brooch: vintage

5 Comments on “My Secret Garden”

  1. ki says:

    LOVE your dress and tights! šŸ™‚

  2. Cortney A. says:

    Wow. I love the green tights against the red shoes. I would never in a million years have expected that combo to work but it looks great!

    Also the brooch is adorable. šŸ™‚

  3. teddi says:

    i adore your dress! very cute holiday pairing with your tights, shoe color, & christmas brooch. šŸ™‚

  4. meagan says:

    That dress is adorable. It looks fantastic with the green tights and what a great photo location to stumble on! Thanks for linking up with Thursdays are for Thrifters!

  5. […] of before. When I first started the blog, I might try bright, even eye-searing combinations like red and green, teal and purple, or yellow and fuchsia (ye gods!) but now, my combinations are a little more […]

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