Golden Snitch Necklace Tutorials

I’ve seen a lot of Golden Snitch necklaces on Etsy, and they all look fairly easy to make. Being the Harry Potter fan that I am, I had to make my own. Here are my versions.

What You Need:
– Pearl bead, or any kind of round bead in size of your choice
– Wing charms/pendant (make sure they’re the right proportion to the bead)
– 2″ head pins and eye pins, various sized jump rings
– Chain, as long as you want
– Pliers, wire cutters


The instructions vary, depending on your wing pendants. I got three different kinds from Michael’s, and here’s what I do with each of them.

1. Since the wings are connected, I glue the bead in the middle with the hot glue gun, then connect the wings to the chain with two small jump rings.

2. With these, I put the bead on an eye pin (it’s the one with a loop at one end), bend one end of the pin into another loop and connect the wings to it with two jump rings. I then connect the wings to the chain with small jump rings just like #1.

3. These wings are not connected, and they don’t have holes at their tips to connect to the chain. So I put the bead on a head pin (the one with the flat end), loop its end and add a jump ring to it for the chain. I then connect the wings to this loop with two more jump rings.

And there you go, the perfect last-minute gift for the HP fans in your life!

7 Comments on “Golden Snitch Necklace Tutorials”

  1. Debbi says:

    Dibs on the one in the middle!

  2. That looks absolutely beautiful!

  3. caroline says:

    I love these!! I’m going to Michael’s tomorrow – I can think of lots of people who I can make these for! I like the 2nd and 3rd ones. SO EXCITED! Thanks!

  4. Cortney A. says:

    Ahhh I want them all! These are perfect for a friend or two, I’ll have to sit down and make them…

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