Pan Am Recap: “The Genuine Article”

I found it a little hard to focus on the recap today when my brain is still screaming from last night’s The Walking Dead.

Maggie gets the center stage this episode. Her character is taking shape a bit more; she’s definitely moving away from the “beatnik rebel” type and more towards the “ambitious liar” type. Even though it makes her a little less than sympathetic (especially with that underhanded move at the end – but I’d say Dean has it coming), I’m OK with this direction, as long as she’s consistent. The only problem is, she doesn’t have much to do here, it’s more of a flashback to her backstory.

One intriguing result from Maggie’s storyline is that Laura is now disillusioned with her, which hopefully can lead to Laura realizing that she can’t keep relying on a “big sister” figure to take care of her. Honestly, I find Laura so boring now. All the other girls have more or less moved away from their introductory storylines, but Laura is the only one who’s still eating the leftovers – her storyline in every single episode is her dealing with an aftermath of her decision to run away and become a stewardess. It’s been 6 episodes. Move on!

Kate’s storyline is also more about the potential for subsequent episodes, because by itself it’s kinda boring, nothing but her and her new boyfriend making sheep’s eyes at each other. She doesn’t even seem that conflicted about having to spy on him. But I’m excited to see Kate forcing to be more involved in her espionage and how that will affect her romance.

Love that dress though

I thought Colette would finally have something to do this episode, when she and Dean are invited to dine with the VP and Ginny. Knowing Pan Am, I didn’t expect an all-out catfight between Colette and Ginny, but I was hoping for a little more than a look across the table and a choice phrase.

Plus, Dean continues to annoy me – his story takes so much focus away from the girls. The writers tried to tie it in by having Maggie finding out about it and using that info for her own advantage, but seriously, who cares about his stupid affair anyway? Sometimes I feel like the entire point to Dean’s story is so that we can have this:

2 Comments on “Pan Am Recap: “The Genuine Article””

  1. Your re-caps are so humorous to me that sometimes I forget that this is suppose to be a “drama”! =P

  2. Cortney A. says:

    I love your comments on Dean. haha. 🙂

    Also, you keep mentioning The Walking Dead. 🙂 I’m putting it on my list since you recommend it so highly!

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