Pan Am Recap: “One Coin in a Fountain”

Man, it’s weird coming from the intensity of Walking Dead to the airiness (pun intended) of Pan Am, but I suppose it helps in a way – otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep!

Finally we have an episode where the location serves the story instead of just being a gimmick (I barely noticed that it was in Monte Carlo, and I didn’t care.) I also appreciate the fact that the plots are connected (albeit loosely) by a theme – gambling. It’s presented most clearly in Dean’s storyline; unfortunately Dean’s storyline is the one that makes the least sense. Sure, he’s “gambling” with his career by messing around with Pan Am’s vice president’s mistress, but why? Is he still on the rebound or is he competing with Douchy to be douche-of-the-episode? Oh wait, I’m sorry, that’s not douchy behavior, it’s gormless 😛

Judging by the “Next week on Pan Am” clip, Dean’s fling with the mink-coated minx is going to be followed up on, but you should be able to tell that from this episode alone.

Kate’s storyline is a nice surprise. First off – it’s a storyline where the personal and external conflicts can cross: Kate has to seduce a man, who’s already interested in Maggie, so that she can tag along with him to the casino in Monte Carlo, to get a Soviet agent’s fingerprints. Yes, it’s convoluted and conveniently puts Kate and Maggie up against each other, but at least it’s something. I should’ve known better to expect a big Kate vs. Maggie confrontation – this is Pan Am after all – and even though I wish Maggie didn’t basically give up the fight, I like how she tricks Kate into making a deal with her. It’s the most characteristically consistent thing Maggie’s done so far.

That make-up, on the other hand, is hideous

Secondly, I wasn’t expecting it to become a story arc, but unlike Dean’s storyline, it’s clear at the end of the episode that this is not the last time we’re going to see Niko What’s-His-Name. Kate doesn’t have any romantic subplot yet, and I’m glad that got addressed (well, Maggie doesn’t either, but what’s with her flip-flopping around, the writers probably don’t know what kind of love interest to give her.)

I also quite enjoy Laura’s storyline, even though I find the flashbacks annoying and the story itself sooo predictable (as soon as it’s mentioned that Douchy doesn’t have his Rolex anymore, we know that he sold it to buy Laura’s engagement ring.) As for the potential romance between Douchy and Laura, I’m actually more OK with that than Dean and Collette – at least this couple looks like they can have some conflict and growth. I might even start calling Douchy by his real name 😛 If only they gave Laura something more interesting to do.

Speaking of Dean/Collette though, is Colette still in the show or what? She’s been in the background for two episodes in a row now.


6 Comments on “Pan Am Recap: “One Coin in a Fountain””

  1. Just caught up on both episodes of Pan Am that I’ve missed, so I was able to finally read your recaps. ;D Hahaha, love that you call him “Douchy.” I don’t know/remember his name either.

  2. Thank you for reminding me about Pan Am- I keep meaning to watch it- looks so good! I’ve heard good things about Walking Dead but Dexter is scary enough for me!

    • Salazar says:

      I don’t know about Dexter, but Walking Dead is definitely intense, like breath-holding, nails-biting intense. It can be frustrating to watch though, because the story moves so slowly. If you want to check it out, perhaps it’s a better idea to wait for the whole season (the first season only has 6 episodes, so you can do a marathon for Halloween night or something :))

  3. Cortney A. says:

    Eek on that makeup shot! It looks like someone forgot the cardigan rule– you either emphasize the eyes or the lips, not both!

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