Pan Am Recap: “Eastern Exposure”

An episodic character drama is tough to pull off, and that’s why most episodic TV shows are about cop/doctor/lawyer, because there’s a “case of the week” in which the characters can have some personal moments. With Pan Am, it’s almost the other way around, where the character stuff (what they have of it, anyway) is based on some paper-thin plot, and that’s why it’s so frustrating to watch, since those character moments feel so forced.

Take this week’s episode. I actually enjoyed the personal stories (Kate vs. Laura, Douchy Co-pilot vs. the World), but they aren’t built up at all. Kate blows up at Laura supposedly because the stress of her spying mission brings out the existing sibling rivalry, but come on. She has to wait a few hours at a cable office then hands a camera to some random dude. It’s not like she’s dodging bullets while Laura is out gallivanting with Maggie.

And yes, it’s sad that just when Kate is ready to make nice, Laura just (figuratively) says “Screw you, sis” and moves in with Maggie. However, it’s not as sad as it could be; Laura seems to be overreacting and Kate is inconsistent, since their little spat isn’t built up effectively, and Kate’s change of heart is merely from seeing a picture Laura took of her (when did Laura take it anyway?). Like I said, paper-thin.

Douchy Co-pilot gets a story this week! It makes him a little more sympathetic (I still can’t remember his name), but I feel it doesn’t quite belong in the show. It’s like the writers get together and go, “Hey, it was the Space Age, we need a storyline with space travel!” so they give Douchy this storyline about wanting to be an astronaut but getting shot down by his even more douchy father. It adds an unnecessary layer on top of an already crowded show. Not to mention the CGI in his flashback of the accident is unbelievably bad (I know, I know, I’ll stop bitching about it.)

As for the other girls, Colette continues to have no defining characteristic other than being French, and Maggie’s hair drives me nuts.

Who had hair like that in the 60’s?!

So let us look at more screencaps instead, because they’re pretty:

6 Comments on “Pan Am Recap: “Eastern Exposure””

  1. heidert says:

    I hate Glee. I wrote a blog about it. I stopped watching “Glee” because it’s a stupid show. I complained about it and moved on. Maybe you should do the same. The pilot’s name is Ted. I’m sure you know it. The fact that you can memorize the lines and not something as simple as a name is very hard to believe. I don’t know if people had Maggie’s hair in the 60’s. I wasn’t alive back then and neither were you. “Pan Am” is a great show that for once shows women not as an object but as a change. “Mad Men” is about what was selling. “Pan Am” is about what was changing. It’s called subtext. 🙂

  2. Aki! says:

    I was interested in Pan Am because of the fashion of the looks but the plot never really interested me. I think it might be one of those shows that’s canceled after a season.

    • Salazar says:

      It is a very pretty, glossy show. But I agree, if they don’t figure out what to do with the characters soon, it may get cancelled soon, because I imagine it’s quite expensive to make.

  3. Cortney A. says:

    It’s such a tragedy when a show has a great idea but then ruins it. There are some shows that I watch and think “you could have done so much with this idea/plot but instead to half-assed everything”.

    Also, Maggie’s hair made me laugh. I think if you’re going to do an era show, you should ensure that your characters actually look like they’re from that era. It’s common sense!

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