Look Ma, No Belt!

I almost titled this post “Vietnamese Gothic” because my dress reminds me of the dress on the woman in the painting American Gothic. But it sounds silly, plus I’m missing a guy with a pitchfork 😛

Another “almost”: I thought about wearing this collar with the floral dress I wore on Tuesday, but when I pinned it on, that print combined with the crocheted lace just looked too… Little House on the Prairie (I’m re-reading the books, maybe that’s why the idea got into my head in the first place.) I think this is a much better fit. More Jane Eyre than Laura Ingalls.

And yes, I paired navy with black again. Sue me.

Dress: Gap, thrifted
Collar & Brooch: vintage
Tights: Kohl’s
Boots: Journee, remixed


8 Comments on “Look Ma, No Belt!”

  1. Love the collar and brooch! Haha re: navy and black. It’s funny b/c I’ve been looking for a navy suit for work…and I always think of navy as just being dark blue, but it’s more like a muted black (or maybe BR’s navy is more of a muted black).

  2. Loren says:

    I think this looks really cute! The lace is a great touch but the length of the dress and the colored tights keep it looking very modern.
    Ha, I used to basically ALWAYS go without a belt but since the blog… well I kinda feel weird when I’m NOT wearing one.

  3. Betsy says:

    I recently stumbled upon your site and LOVE IT! You’ve got some great style.

    Currently, I am collecting style advice (I’m out to get a little bit of my own…). Can you offer me any advice on how you approach style?

    Keep up the great work!!

    • Salazar says:

      Hi Betsy! First off, welcome to the blog. I’m glad you enjoy it!

      I’m not sure if I qualify to give out style advice, as I’m still figuring it out myself. For me the most important thing is to wear something you feel confident in. For example, I’m interested in vintage style, but I don’t want to look like I’m in a costume by going too literal, so I try to put a modern touch on it.

      Hope that gives you something. If you have a more specific question, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email!

  4. Ali says:

    Very Jane Eyre indeed! Plus colored tights. Awesome.

    I know some people really dislike the Little House on the Prarie books, but I love them. Part of it is nostalgia, i think. I really wanted to be Laura!

  5. Cortney A. says:

    Ooooh I love love love the lacy collar. 🙂 IA with Loren that the brightly colored tights keep it modern.

    The outfit is visually interesting from the top (with the lacy collar drawing the eye up to your face) to bottom (those tights!). The boots toughen the look up a bit. 🙂

  6. Want steal crocheted collar! =P I love that you paired it with a brooch. I bet it was a natural decision for you, but to me, that type of thinking requires effort! And, shocking, no belt! Believe me, I get shocked when I don’t do that too! On my screen, your whole outfit looks black, but even if I could see the navy blue, you would hear no complaints from me! 😀

  7. […] but you can’t have everything), and the lace detail. The funny thing is, I’ve worn two outfits which can be seen as interpretation of this painting, so I had to think outside the box a bit. It […]

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