Dandelion Wine

I have literally nothing to say about the outfit (except for the fact that you can’t see my shoes because they’re sinking into the mud. This location is pretty, but it’s like a swamp!) So I’m going to talk about the Emmy instead. There was an insane amount of red on the red carpet, but I don’t have a favorite look… oh wait, I think Lena Headey looked pretty damned fabulous.

As for the winners, aside from Downton Abbey (though in the Writing category I kinda wish Steven Moffat had win for Sherlock instead), here are some that I’m really happy about: Modern Family (they’re just all so adorable), Jim Parsons (hooray for nerds!), Kyle Chandler (I might have to watch Friday Night Lights now; I used to love him in Early Edition), and of course, Peter Dinklage (I’m still reeling from the fact that he’s American! He has such a good British accent.) Anybody watched it?

T-shirt: H&M, thrifted
Skirt: thrifted, remixed
Shoes: Steve Madden thrifted, remixed
Necklace: Forever21
Post title: book by Ray Bradbury


5 Comments on “Dandelion Wine”

  1. Ali says:

    I love Jim Parsons. BBT is one of my favorite shows right now!

    Your cameo necklace is so pretty! I keep looking for something like that.

    Dandelion Wine is on my summer reading list. (Okay, so now it’s fall. It’s on my fall reading list.)

  2. Loren says:

    Love this skirt on you, so much fun. I didn’t watch the emmy’s but I’m glad to heard Peter Dinklage won something, I’ve had a little crush on him ever since i saw ‘The Station Agent’. Also Modern Family is hilarious and totally deserves the wins.

  3. Cara says:

    That last picture is so pretty!

  4. Cortney A. says:

    Wow I seriously love this. Love the top (vertical stripes! lace! ruffles-esque!) and that skirt looks like it would go with everything. 🙂 It’s got to be one of those great staple pieces.

    And the tiny cameo necklace is adorable!

  5. Aquí says:

    gorgeous photos! You’re really good with light! I love that skirt!

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