Burn It All Down

When I saw that today’s 21 Day Challenge prompt is “Monochromatic“, I was like, “Ffft! It’s going to be easy!” That was all that I wore before I started this blog! But when I thought more about it, it wasn’t as easy as I expected, because – yes, I wore monochromatic before, but it was boring monochromatic. So how to make it not boring? After looking through my closet, this is what I came up with – a little safe, but I was afraid that a fire engine red T-shirt with this skirt might be too much, especially on a 96-degree day (hence the post title.)

Shirt: tailored from home
Skirt: H&M thrifted, remixed
Belt: from home
Wedges: Old Navy thrifted, remixed
Post title: song by VHS or Beta


9 Comments on “Burn It All Down”

  1. Whoa…I’m actually wearing a very similar outfit to yours right now. Same silhouette – button down shirt and A-line skirt. What a coincidence! Love the fire-engine red shade of the skirt. ;D

  2. kim says:

    I really like the plaid. It’s kind of funny, but that’s at least 3 asians that wore red. My mom used to try and get me to wear it all the time when I was little because I “just wore it so well.” Ha.

  3. Cortney A. says:

    Ooh I really love that plaid shirt! 🙂 Love that you chose red too. 🙂

  4. Nice! I think adding in a pattern is a great way to go monochrome.

  5. Cara says:

    It’s fun to see how much your style changes over the course a blog, eh?

  6. Ooh, I like all the red. I love red in general – the more the better! Very cute with the plaid shirt.

  7. I love red! Great outfit!

  8. Loren says:

    Red was a way more daring choice than grey good for you! This outfit is real cute. Color me jealous of your red skirt. I think it’s pretty awesome.

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