Dorothy Moves To Click Her Ruby Shoes

And the “shoes in song” theme continues. This is another pair that I bought (read: thrifted) recently. I like the chunkier heels, which means I can walk without having to worry about twisting my ankles (because I do that all the freaking time. Even when I’m not wearing heels. It’s like I have two left feet.)

My outfit today is inspired by this outfit of Sidewalk Ready‘s Kayley. It seems like a no-brainer, but I’ve actually never thought about wearing this dress with a blazer before (cardigan is my go-to outerwear.) Come to think of it, I also might be unconsciously inspired by Dorothy’s outfit from The Wizard of Oz.

Dress: Modcloth, remixed
Blazer: thrifted, remixed
Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden, thrifted
Belt: Forever21
Necklace: gift from my mom (it’s amber from Greifswald, Germany, where my parents, my sister and her husband went to college. The carving on it is apparently a symbol for mining – my mom’s a geologist.)

Post title: lyric from Guster’s Come Downstairs and Say Hello.


5 Comments on “Dorothy Moves To Click Her Ruby Shoes”

  1. COOL necklace, very pretty shoes, and an altogether lovely outfit!

  2. Cute red shoes! I recently thrifted a pair of red shoes that are similar! I like the chunkier heel too since it’s easier to walk in. I recently wore a blazer with a dress instead of a cardigan, and I was surprised I liked it! =P I guess seeing it a lot on other people helps with that perception! 😀 I like your blazer too!! Sooooo coool that your mom is a geologist!!!

  3. Mel says:

    Very cute outfit! I love the necklace. It’s a really thoughtful gift.

  4. penny says:

    I find that a dress with a blazer is a very chic combination- I even dared to wear it in my first interview! Coincidentally I also wore it with dark red brogues. What is it with red that makes it both bold and matching with almost every other colour?

  5. Kayley Anne says:

    Love this combination! Glad you tried it with the blazer. 🙂

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