33×33 Remix Challenge: A Motion Picture Event

My first ever remix challenge. It’s been fun. It’s been tough too, because my selections are so random. But it’s good that they were random, because if (if? when?) I do it again, I’ll think more carefully about what items to pick.

It’s also been a journey. And because I’m a screenwriter, I can’t help but think of any journey as some sort of movie. A movie usually has 3 acts (unless it’s some surreal, art house piece), so let me break down my remix journey for you in terms of movie structure:

Act 1:
Inciting incident (something happens that change our main character’s life and puts her on a journey): I realized I had 33 pieces of clothing that I’ve never worn and decided to put together 33 looks from those pieces.

Act 2:
First steps (the journey begins; our main character gets some small victories or defeats): My first few outfits are a little bit uninspired and over-thought, but I was getting there.
Mid-point (a high/low point in the journey): I made a change in the line-up, threw out two pairs of shoes, added a new pair and a new top.I went back into the game with new confidence.
– “Dark night of the souls” or “All hope is lost” moment (in a romantic comedy this is usually where the couple breaks up and you’ll get a montage of the main character wandering around over sad, sappy music): I felt myself in a style rut and considered taking a break from the remix.

Act 3:
Final test (our main character makes a decision/choice/sacrifice to overcome external and internal obstacles): I didn’t take the break, but decided to push through.
Resolution (she reaches the end of the journey): I’m finished!

So there you go. A recap of my remix and an abbreviated lesson in movie structure too. I think most of my favorite outfits are the ones with that Banana Republic navy pleated workhorse skirt. Which one do you like?

5 Comments on “33×33 Remix Challenge: A Motion Picture Event”

  1. Loren says:

    These all look so great! I love #26 with the yellow skirt and #5 with the dress and blazer. You’ve also found some great locations to shoot!

  2. All time favorite has to be 14, with ties for my next faves being 26 (that pop of yellow is so sunny) and 7 (almost identical in terms of silhouette to 26 and it’s got a vintage/elegant look to it – for some reason, I can see you riding a bike with that outfit – don’t ask me why ;D).

  3. All your outfits are great! I might need to steal some of your ideas! 😀 I’m eying the light-colored blazer!

  4. penny says:

    I liked 26 with the yellow skirt!congratulations for finishing your challenge- I know what you mean though about the last week- I have a similar feeling right now!

  5. Rebekah says:

    I love your outfits- I was trying to keep track of the numbers to tell you which ones, but there were too many. 🙂

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