Friend Friday: Labeling Yourself

A word about the outfit: this combo is such a no-brainer that I can’t believe I’ve never worn the T-shirt with these jeans before. It’s inspired by this outfit by Elaine.

Jeans: The Limited thrifted, remixed
T-shirt: Forever21, remixed
Blazer: thrifted, remixed
Loafers: Payless thrifted, remixed
Flower pin: self-made

Now, onto this week Modly Chic‘s Friend Friday questions. They’re all about labeling yourself:

1. As a someone who writes/blogs about fashion, have you placed yourself into some sort of blogging category? I’m definitely leaning towards personal style blog, but I also post about books, movies, music and other random things. As the blog grows I want to keep the emphasis on fashion and style, but I’m still figuring it out.

2. What keeps you from or encourages you to label yourself as a certain kind of blogger? I don’t want to say I’m this or that kind of blogger, because a) I still haven’t figured it out myself (see above); b) things change, and the blog might take on a different direction; and c) I think when you label yourself as something you’re pretty much in a box, without any room to change and grow.

3. When picking blogs to read and follow are you drawn to ones that indicate a certain group or way of thinking/being? I tend to navigate towards vintage-inspired blogs, but lately I’ve been reading a lot more craft/DIY blogs as well. Basically I read whatever inspires me.

4. Do you think there are benefits in labeling yourself or others? As a screenwriter, labeling oneself is actually quite important to me. In grad school, we had an entire lecture called “Branding Yourselves”, in which you learn/decide what kind of writer you are/want to be, and that’s how you’re going to sell yourself in front of an executive (it’s easier to pitch yourself as an action writer, or a horror writer, or whatever you can pigeon-hole yourself into, than to say you write everything.) However, as a person, I think labeling can stray into “generalizing” or “stereotyping” real fast, and ultimately it’s more trouble than benefit.

5. Agree or Disagree – We’re all just people; we don’t need all the labels. Agree, 100%. In the words of Jo March from Little Women, “If you mean libel, I’d say so, and not talk about labels, as if Papa was a pickle bottle.” We’re not pickle bottles.

Finally, to prove that I’m not just a personal style blogger, here’s a random aside: last night I had a dream about a dog that can sing jazz. Feel free to discuss.

5 Comments on “Friend Friday: Labeling Yourself”

  1. Quest for Fashion Sense says:

    Lol, love the Little Women quote. Outfit looks great! As for the jazz singing dog, yeah…I’ve got nothing to say on that one. 😉

  2. Little Women is one of my favorite books ever! Jo was the 19th century Hermione Granger, and I wanted to be her when I grew up.

    I love the colors of this outfit – the blue, beige, and red all look lovely together. Have you ever posted a tutorial on how to make the pin?

    • Salazar says:

      re: the flower pin – no, I didn’t really post a tutorial, because it was ridiculously easy – but maybe I should! I talked about it briefly in this post if you want to check it out.

  3. Shannon says:

    I love the pop of color that the flower gives the outfit! Very cute.

  4. I see that your outfits have become more versatile and colorful by every post! Love it! I also have grown more creative by blogging and following some wonderful blogs out there. I’m following you via bloglovin now.

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

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