Little Birdie

Technically this is outfit #26 and yesterday’s outfit is #27, because I wore this on Sunday when I helped out a friend on a photoshoot. I actually wore it on Saturday too, but came home too late to take photos, so I wore it again on Sunday. Yeah, I’m kinda gross.

Also, my friend Katie (whose photoshoot I was helping) has a sparrow nest on her front door wreath! How crazy is that? Apparently some mommy sparrow mistook the plastic wreath for the real thing and made her nest and laid her eggs in there. So now Katie has two baby sparrows on her front door. Here’s one of them: (I think the other one was asleep)

T-shirt: Forever21, remixed
Cropped pants: thrifted
Flats: Me Too thrifted, remixed
Sash: gift (hand-me-down?) from Debbi
Necklace: Modcloth

3 Comments on “Little Birdie”

  1. Aquí says:

    how adorable!!! I love finding bird nests! I found one that was built hanging from a tree the other day!

  2. That happened to me last year – I got lazy and left the Christmas wreath up all winter, and when I went to take it down in the spring, there was a nest. I loved checking it when I came home every day (although the mama bird didn’t much love me sticking my head three inches from her babies).

  3. […] and these are the other pair of pants that I fixed along with the jeans from yesterday. This is what they looked like […]

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