work·horse noun

1 : a horse used chiefly for labor as distinguished from driving, riding, or racing
2 a (1) : a person who performs most of the work of a group task
     (2) : a hardworking person
   b : something that is markedly useful, durable, or dependable

According to the above definition, this skirt has definitely become my workhorse. Let’s see – A-line silhouette? Check. Modest length? Check. Pleats? Check. Neutral color that does with everything? Check. And my deal breaker – pockets? Check. No wonder it’s my favorite.

That being said, I am trying to incorporate my other skirts into my wardrobe, especially since it’s getting warmer around here (goodbye June Gloom, I’ll miss you…)

Tunic worn as top: thrifted, remixed
Skirt: Banana Republic thrifted, remixed
Shoes: Walmart thrifted, remixed
Belt: thrifted
Necklace: self-made (tutorial coming tomorrow!)

6 Comments on “Workhorse”

  1. Lovely necklace! Looking forward to the tutorial!

  2. Love the necklace and looking forward to the tutorial as well. Agree on the workhorse thing, I have a couple of those in my closet!

  3. penny says:

    i think I read a lot of posts in very few time and I love your blog!I m following through bloglovin’! and good luck with your DYB challenge!

  4. aubs says:

    you should consider smiling. You look seriously depressed or upset here. Just look’n out for ya!

    I’ve been seeing tutorials on rosette necklaces being pinned on pinterest. I look fwd to your tutorial.

  5. Owwww… nice necklace!

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

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