Weekend Round-Up: Happy Father’s Day

My dad is one of the biggest influences in my life (if not the biggest.) I got my love for nature from him (when he visited me in LA, our idea of father/daughter time was to go to the LA Arboretum and, um, took some of the plants and seeds so that he could plant them in our garden back home. Don’t worry, we didn’t steal any rare specie in the hothouse or anything! We just took whatever was growing outside), my temperament is very similar to him, and I can always count on him to be supportive whenever I need. So happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any pictures of me and my dad in my computer (they must all be in my dad’s camera), so here’s a picture of him digging for a sample of Agave americana with the help of one of his students (I know you can’t see him at all, but it’s so typical of my dad that I have to post it.)

Anyway, let’s get back to Weekend Round-up business.

Lesson of the Week: Not so much of a “lesson” but more of a “confession.” Remember how last week I said I would start taking pictures of my casual outfits? Yeah, that didn’t happen. But I have a perfectly good reason! I was too busy writing my script – I was pretty much glued to my desk in the past week, and when I finally dragged myself away it was too dark to take pictures. And besides I didn’t see any use in taking pictures since I was still dressing like a schlub (somehow I write better in old jeans and flannel shirts. Go figure.) So I might try the casual-outfit documentation next week, but again, no promises (I’ve finished rewriting this draft but I’m going to have to rewrite this rewrite. Oh the fun of the screenplay revision process.)

Blog of the Week: Kitsune-kun by Kathryn (“kitsune” means “fox” in Japanese, and “kun” is a form of honorific, like “san” or “chan.”) Another adorable blogger with an almost exclusively vintage and thrifted wardrobe that turns me green with envy. (Psst! She’s moving to NY and selling a lot of her clothes here. Somebody please buy that navy blue 1950’s day dress before I’m tempted to break my shopping ban again.)

Book of the Week: I’m still working my way through Volume III of the Isaac Asimov-edited, Hugo-winning short stories, so here’s a book I read a couple of weeks ago – “Island of the Aunts” by Eva Ibbotson. It’s another cute children fantasy with eccentric characters like her other books, but this one also has a nice environmental message as well. If it were a little bit darker and quirkier, then I wouldn’t be surprised if Hayao Miyazaki adapted it.

Song of the Week: “Crying Lightning” by Arctic Monkeys. There’s an official video to this song (directed by the wonderful Richard Ayoade, aka Moss of The IT Crowd), but I chose a fan video instead because a) it was this video that got me into this song, b) it’s really well-made, and c) it’s a fan video of BBC’s Sherlock. Enough said.

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