Rain. In June. In LA

It was raining behind me in these pictures. And this is LA in mid-June. To quote The Princess Bride: Inconceivable!

OK, maybe it wasn’t properly raining, but it was drizzling. And Hollywood Boulevard was pretty slippery by the time I got there (why can’t they put those Walk of Fame stars on something with a little more traction?), so there you have it.

Anyway, not much to say about this outfit except that once again, the June Gloom has foiled my plan to wear a dress as a dress. Yes, I know I can wear tights with it, but in case you haven’t noticed, I’m much more of a tunic-and-jeans person than a dress-and-tights person. Come on, it’s Friday.

Also, this shade of red kinda reminds me a little bit of the áo dài (Vietnamese national costume) uniform worn by the Vietnam Airlines flight attendants. I’ve always liked that uniform, it’s traditional yet still functional.

Dress worn as tunic: H&M thrifted
Jeans: The Limited thrifted, remixed
Loafers: Payless thrifted, remixed
Belt: thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
Necklace: self-made using this tutorial (I may have gone a little jewelry-crazy in the past week…)

One Comment on “Rain. In June. In LA”

  1. penny says:

    dress over jeans= rocks! For me also it is an emergency plan- but one that I realised I like so much some times I m hoping it will be windy 😀

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