ShopRuche Lexington Indie Necklace Copycat

I’ve been seeing some ideas for fabric button jewelries circling around Pinterest for a while, so when I saw this necklace at ShopRuche, I knew I could make it myself, and easily.

What You Need:
– Cover button kit (I got mine at Joann)
– Fabric and felt scraps
– A 17” necklace chain
– Jump rings
– Wire cutters, pliers, hot glue gun

(Sorry for the tiny print. Click on the image for the full size.)

And there you have it! I even did a little copycat photoshoot:

You can use any fabric you want, but I think it’s best to use an irregular print, so that the buttons still look uniform without being identical. As soon as I can get my hands on some lace, I’ll do the copycat version of this necklace too.

In other news…

I did spent about $4 on the cover button kit. Does that count into my shopping ban if I buy crafting/jewelry making supplies? It doesn’t, right? Besides, $4 sure beats ShopRuche’s $29.99 price tag, and I can make more necklaces from the same kit if I want.

4 Comments on “ShopRuche Lexington Indie Necklace Copycat”

  1. Aquí says:

    I love this!! Maybe a project for over the weekend! I’ve been meaning to ask you how long ago you lived in Vietnam?

  2. shopannies says:

    very pretty necklace great job

  3. […] T-shirt: Forever21, remixed Skirt: thrifted (it’s another one whose tag says “14″, as in “14 years old.” That’s another thing I like about my short legs. They allow me to wear kid’s clothes! OK, maybe not kids. But young teens.) Shoes: Payless thrifted, remixed Belt: Wet Seal Necklace: self-made […]

  4. Mchan says:

    cool because I wondered how to have more than one button!

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