Friday I’m Not Even Trying

Once again, the weather has interfered with my dressing. I’d planned to wear a dress today. When I woke up and saw that it was all gray and foggy outside, I thought I could still wear the dress, maybe with tights or something. But then I told myself, “Eh, no. It’s Friday. It’s not worth it.” And so I went back to my old favorite – jeans and a tunic.

Also, I can just hear Tom and Lorenzo saying “Get your hands out of your pockets.”

So, not the most exciting outfit, but I’m comfy and my legs aren’t freezing. Yes, ironically, when the rest of the country is experiencing a heat wave, LA has been enjoying some nice June Gloom weather these past weeks. It’s a bit overcast but cool and humid, just the way I like it (and as I typed those words, I asked myself, for the umpteenth time, why am I living here and not in England? *sighs*…)

Tunic: thrifted (I’ve tried and tried to make this work as a dress. I gave up. The problem is not that it’s too short (it’s not), but the buttons don’t go far enough, know what I mean? If it’s a danger for me to sit down in, then it’s not a dress. It’s a tunic.)
Jeans: The Limited thrifted, remixed
Loafers: Payless thrifted, remixed
Belt: thrifted

3 Comments on “Friday I’m Not Even Trying”

  1. Aquí says:

    I really like the tunic with the belt! I’ve been trying to find a cute skinny leather belt like that forever!

  2. I love the way you tied this belt! I always end up just sort of wrapping it around. 😉

  3. Elle says:

    i also love the way you tied this belt! its really cute! i just came across your blog and am browsing through 🙂 although im not big on jeans and dresses….

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