Shopping Ban & Remix Update

Since I seem to be running out of material for the “Awkward and Awesome” feature, I’m moving the Shopping Ban update to Thursday for now.

This week, I spent $6 on a pair of shoes. I know I went over budget, but I’ll take the difference out of next week’s allowance, so it’s OK.

I’ve also decided to edit my 33×33 remix list a bit. I realized there were 2 pairs of shoes that I just couldn’t incorporate into my remix, so I took them out, added in this pair that I just bought and another top (which I’ve forgotten about.) So I still have 33 items, just less shoes and more tops:

As for the other two pairs of shoes, one has been returned to the store (the oxfords – they’re just too big for me), and the heels I’ve put away, to wait until I can wear heels without straps (me learning to wear heels is like learning how to ride a bike – I’m still in the “training wheels” phase :D)

2 Comments on “Shopping Ban & Remix Update”

  1. aqui says:

    I love the loafers! Really cute!

  2. […] My first few outfits are a little bit uninspired and over-thought, but I was getting there. – Mid-point (a high/low point in the journey): I made a change in the line-up, threw out two pairs of shoes, […]

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