(No I didn’t misspell the post title. It’s a song by New Order.)

I don’t have enough material for an “Awkward and Awesome” post, so I decided to give you something different: a tutorial! I made something myself!

You know how smokers chew gums when they’re trying to quit? Well I’m trying to quit shopping (in a way) so I have to find something to do with my hands. And since I just cut off  an old pair of jeans into short, I have all this extra fabric lying around. After a bit of research, I settled on these two tutorials for flower pins from Tea Rose Home and The Sisters 4 say… More is More. The first one didn’t turn out so good, because my fabric is too soft, so my final product ended up looking a little raggedy. But the second one was super easy, and it came out great. Check out the original tutorial if you want to, or check out mine (it’s almost word-for-word anyway):

It’s definitely better to use felt as your base, but I was too lazy to buy some. The other thing I did differently is that since denim fabric can fray, I put a little bit of clear nail polish around the circles to seal in the edge. That’s it!

The final product:

Ta da!

And remember, this is from someone who can barely sew buttons back to shirt, so it’s huge for me.

3 Comments on “Krafty”

  1. too cute! need to make some of these flowers….seeing them everywhere 🙂

  2. Sara @ Aqui says:

    love this! Always up for diy! Loving your blog 🙂 now following via bloglovin

  3. […] T-shirt: Forever21 Jacket: Diane von Furstenberg, thrifted Shorts: Stoosh, thrifted Shoes: Madden Girl, thrifted Flower pin: self-made […]

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