FBFF: Shoes!!!

I have to admit, I wore the blazer for the sole purpose of showing off my new brooch 😛

T-shirt: Esprit, remixed
Jeans: Charlotte Russe, remixed
Blazer: thrifted, remixed
Flats: Payless, remixed (apparently it’s remix day!)
Brooch: PinMePins via etsy

I looked away because some genius set off his car alarm and it was beeping like anything.

Well, I have nothing interesting to say about today’s outfit either (except for the fact that it’s finally cooled down enough for me to wear jeans again – thanks Heaven!), so I’m going back to Modly Chic‘s Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday. This week’s theme? Shoes, baby.

1.What is your go-to pair of shoes? My Converse. I’m still at the stage in my style exploration where I can’t call any other pairs my “go-to” yet. But I’m making myself wear more flats (and maybe even try heels now and then too), so I’m getting there. I’m getting there.

2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions? Cost, comfort and fit, in that order (I guess fit and comfort can be grouped into one, but my first pair of heels actually don’t fit me very well – they’re 8.5, while I’m usually a 7.5 – but I can walk around in them. As much as I can in heels, anyway :P) As for cost, I’m an unemployed recent grad school graduate… well, ’nuff said. I know, I know, you get what you pay for, but I don’t trust my judgment enough to pay a high price for a pair of shoes that I don’t know a) will last and b) has a classic enough style.

3. The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color? Brown. I have so many brown shoes it’s not even funny. And they’re all in different shades too, which can be very annoying when you’re trying to coordinate accessories. So now I make myself pass the brown section and look more at other colors. Mostly black. Black goes with everything, sooner or later, like the wonderful Terry Pratchett has written.

4. When it comes to designer shoes what are your favorite brands and why? Like I said, cost is a huge deciding factor in my shoe purchase, so I mostly go with Payless. And actually, the quality is not terrible (yeah, I had to break in all of my flats – my feet always end up with a bunch of band-aids after the first day – but after that they’re pretty comfy to wear.) And now that I’ve been thrifting so much, I keep my eyes out for higher-quality brands, but I’m not that familiar with them yet; besides I have the most universal shoe size ever, so it’s tough to find my size at thrift stores.

5. If price wasn’t an issue, you’d own which shoe? I have a few, but on top of my list would be this pair of saddle shoes by Rachel Antonoff for Bass. Actually I want pretty much that entire collection.


3 Comments on “FBFF: Shoes!!!”

  1. Kimberlee says:

    Love that brooch! I totally feel you on the unemployed just out of school thing :/

  2. Tiffany says:

    That brooch is so cute! And I love your patterned flats and I totally feel you on the cost issue when it comes to buying shoes.

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