Monday + Tuesday = Wednesday

Sorry if I look angry. The camera was being annoying with the focus again.

Polo shirt: Esprit, another gift from my sister
Skirt: thrifted (I don’t understand the sizing of this one. The tag says it’s a size 12, and yet the waistband is somewhere around my ribs and I couldn’t eat much at lunch, so either it’s a vintage size, or, judging by the style on this skirt, it means it’s for a 12-year-old girl.)
Belt: thrifted
Flats: Sag Harbor thrifted, remixed

To explain the title: I feel like today’s outfit is a combination of Monday‘s outfit  and yesterday‘s outfit , not only in form (polo shirt tucked into short + T-shirt tucked into skirt = polo shirt tucked into skirt), but also in characteristic (Monday’s minimalism + yesterday’s fussiness = today’s happy medium.) Because I do feel like yesterday’s outfit was a little bit much. The T-shirt and the skirt are fine, but when you add the headband and the necklace, the outfit feels a little like a hoarder – with everything piled on.

Or I just need another hobby rather than explaining my choice of outfit with math formulas 😛

Oh and I forgot to make a picture of my shoes on Monday, so here they are:


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