Variation On A Theme

Tunic: Old Navy thrifted, remixed
Skinny: Charlotte Russe, remixed
Belt & Cameo Necklace (I’ve been looking for one for a long time): Forever21
Boots: Bamboo thrifted

Looking back through 2 months of style blogging, I realize I wear a variation of this outfit – a belted tunic and skinny jeans tucked into boots – quite a lot . It’s an outfit that I can relax in, but still stylish enough that I can feel confident wearing it (as opposed to my real relaxing outfit, which consists of pajama bottom and an oversized T-shirt :P) Plus I think the silhouette works for me.

Alas, this outfit is more autumn than spring, and definitely not summer (I dress according to the weather, not the season.) Looks like I have to find a new outfit template for warm weather…

What about you? Do you have one kind of outfit that you always wear (each item may vary, but the overall silhouette is the same)?


One Comment on “Variation On A Theme”

  1. nice outfit. thanks for commenting on my blog post, btw.

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