My First Sandals In 12 Years

When I was little, I used to wear sandals pretty much all year, except in winter. Then when I started middle school, I had to bring in sneakers to change for gym class, and it was such a hassle that I decided I’d just wear the sneakers. So I stopped wearing sandals from then on.

My legs are so white is not even funny.

So, this is my first pair of sandals after 12 years (12? 13? I don’t remember.) I like them because they’re not open-toed (I have this thing about open-toed shoes, which probably came from working on movie sets, where you’re not allowed to wear open-toed shoes – unless you’re acting, of course – for fear of accidents. I just find open-toed shoes too casual.) Also, the ankle straps add a retro/vintage feel to it, which I’m a total sucker for.

Shirt: from home, remixed
Skirt: thrifted, remixed
Belt: thrifted
Sandals: Easy Spirit thrifted

I really like the lighting in this one. Looks almost like an old photo. Next time I must remember to point the camera at the sun…


4 Comments on “My First Sandals In 12 Years”

  1. Really??? First sandals? Well they look very cute on you! πŸ˜€

  2. Really??? First sandals in 12 years? They look cute! What do you normally wear n the summer?

    • Salazar says:

      I just wear lighter sneakers, like Converse. Because your feet are not exposed to the sun like when you’re wearing sandals, they keep your feet quite nice and cool, even if they turn your feet turnip-white πŸ˜›

  3. Ana says:

    Love these sandals! They actually remind me of what I used to wear as a kid and often wish that I could find a pair outside of a thrift store.

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