Oh Simple Thing

Oh, simple thing, where have you gone?
I’m getting old and I need something to rely on – Somewhere Only We Know (Keane)

T-shirt: thrifted
Cardigan: Merona (Target) thrifted
Skinny: Charlotte Russe, remixed
Converse: Shoecity, remixed
Belt: thrifted, remixed

This may be the simplest outfit I’ve worn since starting the blog. And this is how I normally dressed before starting the blog – jeans, a T-shirt, sneakers, and a cardigan. The only difference is that before my cardigan would be either black or gray, and my jeans probably wouldn’t be skinny.

Am I regressing to my old ways? I’d like to think not. Sometimes I just don’t want to think too much about what I wear, which can be the problem when you first start out as a style blogger (over-thinking every single outfit) – hence the lyric from “Somewhere Only We Know.” But hey, at least the cardigan has some interest to it, right?

Also, sorry if the colors are kinda off in the photos. It’s really bright out today. I tried hard not to frown by posing like this…

… but in the end I just thought, Ah, forget it, I’m stepping into the shades. (Actually I thought “F*** it” but that wouldn’t be PG. My mom reads this blog too :P)

One Comment on “Oh Simple Thing”

  1. Tiffany says:

    I love this sort of peek into the past as it’s colored with your present perspective… I sometimes wonder how bloggers dressed P.B. (pre-blog) because I know that I personally dressed far less fabulously than I do now. Style blogging inevitably leads to an personal style evolution as we discover more fully who we are in a sartorial sense, so it’s cool that although this is P.B. attire for you, it still shows some of who you’ve become through 14SoG (ie the skinny jeans and patterned cardi). And yes, sometimes it is nice to chill out and not worry about what to wear, but even then you chose pieces that stand out and show off your style. It’s just a part of you.

    All that to say: this is cute and nice and I liked the post.

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