Happy Easter

I went to church with Debbi and Emma today. The Easter service was fine, but not being a Christian, most of it just went over my head (was it wrong that the whole time the pastor was talking about Jesus’ resurrection, all I could think was “Jesus was a zombie”? A little bit, right? Well, I meant no offense.) But the music was beautiful (they had a brass section.)

Afterward, we went back to Debbi’s apartment and, in keeping with the Easter theme, watched Jesus Christ Superstar (the 2000 version, which is way better than the 1973 version.) We joked that if the guy playing Jesus, Glenn Carter, had a cult, we would totally follow him, only to find out that he is indeed the leader of a cult – or at least, a branch of a cult (you can’t deny he has the look for it!)

Then Debbi and Emma went to an Easter dinner, but since I have to wake up at 6:30 tomorrow, I went home.

All in all, an enjoyable Easter. Now, outfit photos:

Dress: thrifted (I think it was handmade, there’s no tag)
Cardigan: Ann Taylor thrifted
Coat: thrifted, remixed
Shoes: Mudd thrifted
Cloche: Payless

I think this is the first time I wore an entirely thrifted outfit (not counting the hat.) My posing ability still leaves a lot to be desired though. Here I am, explaining to Debbi that I can’t pose:

And here I am, doing I don’t know what…

Then it rained, so we had to sprint for Debbi’s car. Which, I’m telling you, is very difficult to do if you’re wearing heels for the first time in your life (a fact that Debbi, who can play tags in heels, continuously mocks me on.)

Hope everybody has a good Easter!

3 Comments on “Happy Easter”

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