Weekend Round-Up: The Runny Nose Edition

My cold got worse yesterday, so even though I did find a cool piece at Buffalo Exchange (not at the $1 Sale. I didn’t have the energy to dig through the piles), I was too tired to blog about it. Don’t worry, you’ll see me wear it soon enough.

Anyway, my throat is better (thank you antibiotics!) but my nose is still runny, which is annoying as hell. Come to think about it, my nose hasn’t been not runny ever since I got back from my East Coast winter break trip. That’s what a snow storm did to your sinus…

Lesson of the Week: Hello, my name is Salazar and I’m a thriftaholic. No, seriously. I have a problem. Ever since I discovered the joy of shopping at thrift stores, I haven’t been able to stop.  I need to stop. Because it is possible to spend too much at thrift stores. Plus, don’t go thrifting while you’re sick! It’s really unpleasant to browse through the endless racks of stuff while you have a runny nose to deal with. Stay home and rest. It’s not the end of the world if you miss that deal.

Blog of the Week: New Dress A Day. You’ve probably heard/read about Marissa Lynch, who started this blog to document her project to refashion a new piece of clothing from thrifted/secondhand pieces, every day for an entire year, for $1 each. And she did it! Her blog is a wonderful source of inspiration, but I can never do what she does, because I can’t sew a stitch (the best I can do is to sew back a button, which reminds me, I have to do…) – Debbi and I even joked that since Marissa is a local, we should stalk her and make her give us lessons. Just kidding! 😛 But I really wish I could do what she does.

Book of the Week: I’m reading Fantasy & Science-Fiction magazine’s 60th anniversary short stories collection. My love for fantasy/sci-fi short stories collection probably began with Kelly Link’s “Stranger Things Happen”, then I moved on to Neil Gaiman’s, then Ray Bradbury’s (I know, I started out with a lesser known author and made my way back to the most famous one), and now I will grab pretty much any fantasy/sci-fi collection I can get my hands on. Anyway, I haven’t finished with the book yet (I read “The Virgin Suicide” by Jeffrey Eugenides early on in the week, but that’s too depressing to talk about), but so far the story that sticks with me is…

“The Far Shore” (Elizabeth Hand): A ballet master, on the brink of unemployment, spends some time alone at the summer camp of his childhood and has a strange encounter. Sort of like “Black Swan” meets “Dreamcatcher“, but with more fantasy and no pooping out aliens. The ending is a bit abrupt, but overall it’s an atmospheric, beautifully written story.

Song of the Week: “Graceful Ghost” by George Winston (music by William Bolcom.) (It starts at 1:50)

Sorry this is the only video I can find of the song – but hey, there are worse things on YouTube than a bunch of cute running dogs. Since this song is a rag, most the versions I found are at the original fast tempo, but the George Winston’s version is much slower, making it the perfect soundtrack for the “Black Swan as written by Stephen King” short story above 🙂

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  1. […] mentioned before that my thrifting habit is becoming a problem, but it was sort of half-joking. But now I mean it. […]

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