Can’t Wait To See Tomorrow

I’d planned to take a “twirling” picture with this skirt. But then I forgot, because I’m sick. Not terribly sick, but I’m feeling the start of a sore throat, plus it’s not fun to have a cold when it’s hot outside. Fortunately I have some Linkin Park songs in my MP3 player (and I’m talking about old school LP, LP of Hybrid Theory), and that got my energy up a bit (gave me a title for the post too. It’s from their song “With You.”)

Skirt (texture): thrifted, remixed
Shirt (color, pattern): thrifted (I saw this shirt next to another shirt with the exact same print, which is quite uncommon in thrift stores. The weirder thing is, they’re two completely different brands! Just happened to use the same fabric.)
Belt (color): thrifted
Cardigan (color, texture): Gap, remixed
Flats: Payless, remixed
(Yes, I’m still using my bracelet as the “shine” element, but it’s less cheating this time, because the shirt is too busy for a brooch/necklace.)

Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday, which means I can sleep in, and then hit Buffalo Exchange for their $1 Day Sale. If I find something good, I might do a post later too.

P/S: Btw, check out my shopping list at Target – Strepsils, food dye, clear nail polish, transparent hair ties, bike shorts, leather hole punch. Isn’t that the weirdest, most random shopping list ever? And I’m not even going to explain it 😀


One Comment on “Can’t Wait To See Tomorrow”

  1. Natalie says:

    What a great outfit! i love the mix of patterns. =))

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