Mid-week Humdrum And Rubber Band Therapy

I’ve heard that phrase so many times before but never really experienced it… Until today.

I just wasn’t feeling inspired. I had an outfit (or an idea for an outfit) picked for Monday, Tuesday and Friday (Thursday is the one day I have nowhere to go, not counting the weekend), but for some reason I completely forgot about Wednesday. Or, rather, my thought process was, “I had to pick something for Monday because it’s the first day of the week, for Tuesday because I’m going to be out late at night and it’s going to be cold, and for Friday because it’s going to be hot (weather plays a large, or should I say, the main role in how I dress), so I’ll find something on Wednesday.” Well, the result is me trying out various cardigans/jackets this morning without finding one that really worked, so I just threw on “one that goes with everything” and called it a day.

Blouse: from home, remixed (texture, pattern, color – I thought I’d count my “4 Elements” here rather than do it separately)
Skinny: Urban Outfitters, remixed
Cardigan: Target, remixed (texture)
Coat: Ann Taylor Loft thrifted, remixed (color, pattern)
Boots: Reflection, remixed
Bracelet: homemade (shine)

Yes, I wear the same shirt with the same pair of pants before, even though I’m determined not to do that. See, the easy solution would just be to throw together a completely new outfit, but I don’t want to bring out a new shirt or pair of jeans before recycling through these items first (they have to earn their place in the laundry bin.) So I tried to at least style them in a different way, no matter how marginally.

And thank God for the embroidered panel on the shirt, because otherwise I will fail my “4 Elements” checklist. Where’s the “Shine” element you might ask? I kind of cheated a bit and called this my “Shine”:

The bracelet, not the watch. The watch is not part of my outfit, it’s more like my keys or wallet – I don’t leave the house without it.

I’m cheating, because I’m actually wearing the bracelet as a sort of “rubber band therapy” to tell myself to stop window shop so damn much (mostly because it’s a waste of time.) So far it hasn’t been working. Maybe because it’s not an actual rubber band 😛

Anybody got the same problem? (either with the mid-week slackness or the self-control in shopping?)


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