Ode To A Butterfly

(The title is a song by Nickle Creek.)

So, today I finally ventured outside of my apartment building to take pictures (that makes me seem like a hermit. Which is, sadly, not that far off from the truth.) There are these flowering bushes near my place that I think would make a great background, but alas, I waited too long and the flowers are mostly gone by now. Still, I made the best of it.

Yeah, that’s like my go-to pose now.

Also, it was sunny, so my best expression is something like this:

Uh, should I smi– Too late.

I knew it was going to be chilly later tonight so I threw on the coat I was going to wear too. And let me tell you: it was not comfortable. Because it wasn’t chilly then.

The sun! It burns!

Skinny: H&M, remixed
Flats: Payless, remixed
Tunic: Old Navy thrifted
Sash: from another dress
Coat: thrifted (some unknown brand)
Sunglasses: from home
Brooch: swiped from my sister 😛

Let’s go through our “4 Elements” checklist, shall we?

1. Color: red, and a couple shades of blue.
2. Texture: soft cotton tunic.
3. Pattern: floral print.
4. Shine: the butterfly brooch (see post’s title.) I tried out a few ways as to how best to wear it –

Traditional, on my coat’s lapel. But then I can only wear it when I wear my coat.

At the neckline, which is how I usually wear this brooch.

On my sash. How I ended up wearing it.

Also, I finally began to look for a job. I sent out about 20 resumes today. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that I hear back from at least one of them. Or a couple. I need to get paid.


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